A serious interview with designer Coralie Bickford-Smith about her Great Food series for Penguin

So for a while now, every time Coralie designs a new set of beautiful books we’ve made a blog post about them together. We did a video competition for her F. Scott Fitzgeralds, we did a couple of different illustrated chats for her hardback classics: it’s a tradition, and very much like, say, family Christmases, it must now continue no matter how much resentment arises between the people involved. Say one of them is an extremely talented and increasingly world-renowned designer at the top of her game and the other just burns with jealousy, having forgotten why he ever considered myself to have any talent whatsoever.

ANYWAY for her new series of Penguin Great Foods we went round Coralie’s house one sunny afternoon and made this. We hope you like it!

The music’s a song called ‘Young Love and Fresh Fruits’ by François Virot. You can download it here for free! I hope it’s okay I used it.

Coralie mentions Stephen Raw who did the lettering: this is him.

And here are the books!

You can buy them on Amazon and the Book Depository and also other places.

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